Britain should get involved!

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you to tell you why England should help Hong Kong and I think that with your help we can help Hong Kong have Human Rights. If you didn’t know Hong Kong was ruled by England for 150 years after 150 years Hong Kong was given back to China but there was also an agreement that when the we gave Hong Kong back to them they should have Human Rights.

I believe that when England come to help Hong Kong then I think that England might be able to settle things down and help Hong Kong have freedom, peace and human rights as it is a very important. If we are able to settle things down or at least help Hong Kong, I think there will be less violence and less chaos in Hong Kong – If there isn’t violence then I know there wouldn’t be a lot of ‘Tear gas’ which is deadly and can kill but it’s main purpose is to blind people (temporally) during protests which the police use against citizens in Hong Kong. This sounds terrible which it is really true I mean what if you wanted freedom and democracy but instead you get tear gas I bet you wouldn’t really like it would you?

In the agreement which was said that all citizens in Hong Kong should have freedom which was made after England gave back Hong Kong to China it is known that China has not followed the agreement and are not listening. If England helps Hong Kong then China might listen and if they don’t other Countries might join in and try to help people in Hong Kong then if China listens and does what we ask they could maybe have freedom and democracy.

For people that haven’t heard the Prime minster publicly told people that she supports Hong Kong and this means that I am not the only person that agree with this. Even MP Heidi Allen agrees with this meaning not only that this is an opinion but also important!

I also think there can be a bit of consequences such as a small war with China and England about this issue but that is not most likely to happen.

Yours Sincerely,


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