Dear Mr Gove,

Hi I am a year 6 student at Hammond School in Light water Surrey which is part of your consituency in Surrey Heath.I am writing you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis.Which I'm sure aware about but it is when Britain handed over Hong Kong back to China.After this happened China and Britain made a promise to not affect their laws and that they would become more democratic until 2047. Recently China has not been respecting the 1 country 2 systems rule and I am apalled that they are doing this but do not think we should intervene,don't agree with me? Look below for evidence.

As you can see above, this situation is getting out of hand, however I do not believe we should intervene. I know you might be wondering why I'm thinking this but I hope this evidence changes your opinion. As I am sure you are aware as Britain, China is a massive trading partner for us. In 2016, China traded Britain £42.6 billion worth of goods. Due to this, we should not intervene as we may not get as much goods and products causing our economy to suffer. Do you really want this to happen?

I feel China has too much power of Hong Kong as they get to choose Hong Kong's leader but China have the largest army globally with the population of 1.5 billion which means if we intervene, at any time China can defeat us in war as they own the 2nd most nuclear weapons, closely following Russia.

In conclusion, it is obvious that I truly believe that we should not intervene as it will endanger our country and cause world conflict causing our economy to fall drastically.

It has been a pleasure having the oppurtunity for you to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,


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