Dear Catherine West...

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Dear Catherine,

We are writing to persuade you that the UK needs to get involved in the situation in Hong Kong, and they need to get involved quickly. As I am sure you are aware, in the agreement that was signed when Hong Kong was handed back to China after being a colony of Britain for so long, China and Britain both promised to ensure that the way of life and the economy in Hong Kong remained unchanged until 2047. At this moment, we can only assume that China have decided that can’t stick to that promise and this just isn’t right. A promise is a promise, after all. Just because one party has decided not to stick to it, doesn’t mean we should break it too. In fact, it makes it even more important for us to keep our promise and step in to help Hong Kong, before it is too late…

We strongly believe that everyone deserves at least basic human rights, and- for us- that means living in a democracy, which China certainly is not. Here are just a few things that are going on in China that make us wholeheartedly side with Hong Kong:

  • China has been criticised on multiple occasions for not protecting human rights. They say that the goal is ‘a people’s democratic dictatorship’ and ‘democracy’ but this is so far from the current situation that it almost doesn’t seem possible.
  • Freedom of speech is prohibited in China. If anything is said against the government, there are severe punishments that could include going to prison!
  • Censorship is the normality, with newspapers and television channels being controlled by the government. Facebook and Google are even banned completely.
  • China’s courts are run by the government, meaning that fair trials are a rarity (99.99% of people who are tried for a crime are found guilty!)

Surely you can understand now that what Hong Kong is fighting for is not unreasonable.

As for why we should help, we simply have too much of a shared history to just be ignored. Our country ruled Hong Kong as a colony for 150 years and, on top of that, 119,990 people who were born in Hong Kong now live in Britain. Imagine how these people are feeling as they watch the democracy of the country they love being torn to shreds. It may also surprise you to know that the majority of people currently living in Hong Kong do not identify as Chinese citizens, with 71% of these same people going as far as to say that they do not feel proud of their connections to China. If the above facts are anything to go by, I can see why…

We know that some people, including Chinese leaders, have expressed a desire for the UK to stay out of the situation, as it is none of our business. However, our research has shown us that many Hong Kong citizens are desperate for our help. A man called Chenguang, for example, a lawyer living in Hong Kong as said that we need to ‘keep the agreement and fight for people’s rights.” Fighting for people’s rights is something that you surely cannot disagree with.

If nobody stands up to China, they will keep trying to get away with more and more and eventually the people of Hong Kong will lose the democracy they value so much completely. We simply cannot let this happen! We will personally protest to ensure that China are reprimanded for what they have done but this is not enough to make a change. With your standing and position in Parliament, you can do more than just protest. You can do something that truly makes a difference to the people who currently need you the most.

I recommend involving the UN more, as we know how much they value human rights. If China is going to listen to anyone, it will surely be them! After all, no reasonable country wants to be seen as doing terrible things and we strongly believe that, despite everything, the Chinese government are still reasonable people.

We implore you to act now, before the violence turns even more brutal and leads to the loss of more innocent lives.

Kind regards,

brilliant_blackberry and fairminded_cat

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