Dear Harriet Harman

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Dear Harriet Harman

My name is openheaerted_twilight and I'm here to inform you about human rights in Hong Kong. Britian had been ruleing Hong Kong for 150 years until they handed Hong Kong bach to China but they made an agreement which they both promised to make sure:the way of life and ecomony in Hong Kong to remain unchanged until 2047. China has now broken there agreement because that meant there was freedom of speech and now there freedom has been taken away from and this why we should help them.

There is no need to be protesting violently but because of this new law been made there have been alot of things being destroyed for example: important buildings and airport stand still and many more destruction that's been happening in Hong Kong and this why I think we should!

This might be a huge challenge because some people want us to help but some people don't want us to help for example:Li Wei has been liveing in Hong Kong for 80 years and trust hid Goverment to deal with those protesters and that we are not Britian responsibilty anymore. I still think we should help Hong Kong because it's been part of our history since and we had a good legal system since. I hope it dosen't ruin our relationship with China because we have a good tradeing system.

This is why I think we should help them.

Yours sincerly,


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