Dear Helen Jones

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to try and persuade you that we should get involved in Hong Kong’s crisis. I’m sure that you are aware about what is currently happening in Hong Kong at the moment. Currently, Hong Kong is in serious trouble. This is because citizens of that country are dangerously protesting against the government. I am aware that this all happened when the Chinese government attempted to make a rule that criminals have to be sent to China to trial. Hong Kong and Britain have shared a lot of history and I believe that we should help out in order for our history be on going. When Britain took over, we defeated them every time we attacked and if anything goes wrong we are not afraid to do this again. I am aware that Hong Kong’s army has increased over time, however they will understand that we will truly help them with their crisis. Imagine a world or place where you wake up from no sleep and realise the violence you hear in your head is actually a reality, how would that feel too you? Well, this is very familiar to the citizens of Hong Kong.

I strongly believe that we should intervene. This is because 150 years ago, we signed the ‘Two Country, One System agreement’ and when people say that it isn’t our business, it is because we signed the contract, meaning that it our business! Other people that agree with me are people who believe in trust and human rights, including Heidi Allen (an MP). Over 2,000 people have been seriously injured. Did you know, that a total of 8 people have unfortunately died due to this horrific act? This is why you should agree with me and anyone else who thinks we should help find a solution to this terrible crisis.

In my opinion, the police are as fairly violent as the people who are involved with the attacking of Hong Kong. I believe this statement because the police are throwing tear gas which makes people blinded for approximately 1 hour. For the future of Hong Kong, I wish that Britain and other countries around the world will realise how much of a problem this is and all come together to find a solution for this death-defying act to have a stop. After reading my letter, I hope that you realise that Hong Kong’s crisis is much more of a problem than most people think. The steps I would like you to and other MP’s to take are to send help to Hong Kong.

I hope you understand how much of a problem this is to Hong Kong and Britain.

Yours Sincerely,

-involved grapefruit

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