Dear Helen Jones

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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you because of the protests happening in Hong Kong which have led to many questions if Britain should intervene or not. Many reasons have been explained and considered that Britain should intervene or shouldn’t.

Current Situation,

The current situation in Hong Kong is that China had broken their promise that they said that they would keep until 2047. This all started off when the new law said that every time someone in Hong Kong got arrested, the trail had to take place in a court in China. If this did happen, you would 99.9% of the time be found guilty. Many of the protests in Hong Kong have been about people’s basic rights and China had to just take them away from Hong Kong.

Past Involvement of Britain,

Well this all started in 1847 when Britain invaded China and we took over Hong Kong for 150 years. We gave Hong Kong basic rights and freedom to do whatever they wanted. But when we gave Hong Kong back to China we made a promise that they had to keep the promise until 2047. China broke that promise so now we don’t know what to do about it.

What I Think Should Happen,

In my opinion I think that, Britain shouldn’t get involved for many reasons because first of all China has the biggest army in the world and if we try to protect Hong Kong they will probably try to fight us and we will lose a lot of our army. Another reason is that China and Britain could have conflict and China could stop trading with us and they give us many things that we need.

What Could Cause Problems,

Well for example if Britain doesn’t get involved Hong Kong could be in more trouble than they already are. Another thing that could cause a problem is that China could carry on not following the promise that they said they would follow. Hong Kong could also not be able to do anything if they carry on protesting like this because China won’t be able to put up with it anymore.

Hopes for Hong Kong in The Future

I hope that Hong Kong can fight for their basic human rights and can win over China.

Yours sincerly,


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