Dear Helen Jones

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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you because I want to make you aware how Britain can help the Hong Kong crisis. Did you know that over 2 thousand people have been injured in this tragedy and 8 people have been killed, some even innocent? What if it was somebody you know?

Firstly, I know you must feel upset and concerned for Hong Kong. Even Boris Johnson and Heidi Allen (an MP) agree with me to save Hong Kong’s human rights and freedom! Boris Johnson recently announced that he wants to support Hong Kong. However, nothing has been done about it. I know that there are many consequences to us getting involved, such as Britain getting attacked or provoked into these protests. However, we will be saving Hong Kong’s human rights and freedom if we are successful. Don’t you think help save innocent people’s human rights? I also think we should help because we legally signed a document called ‘One Country, Two Systems’ that meant China would only interfere with Hong Kong in 2047. Britain also signed this to help protect Hong Kong. Have you ever broken a promise that could potentially kill thousands of people?

We should help Hong Kong because we ruled Hong Kong as a colony for over 150 years and ruled it better than China is ruling Hong Kong right now. In fact, Hong Kong would be safe and so will the people’s human rights. We need to act now and fast!

After reading my letter, I hope you will keep it in mind until your next debate in parliament. In Hong Kong’s fight for justice, please consider all of these lives at stake in the ‘once beautiful’ country.



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