Dear Helen,

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you because there is a crisis in Hong Kong. China is taking away Hong Kong’s basic human rights that they promised to keep for at least 50 years (The one county two systems agreement).

As you probably already know, Britain used to be in charge of Hong Kong. We had it for 150 years and gave it back to China in 1997. When we gave it back we made an agreement. China however, has broken that agreement.

When someone Hong Kong is arrested they do not go to trial in Hong Kong, they go to trial in China. Which is really bad because 99.9% of the time, they’re guilty.

I think we should NOT intervene. I think Britain should just stay back and worry about Br-exit. As you are our M.P. I think you are the person to tell when we have a problem about how Warrington is ran. Hong Kong is not Warrington; Hong Kong is a state in China. If Hong Kong have a problem I think they should tell their government. I understand that Hong Kong and China aren’t great friends, but they could at least try to get along, not just start fights.

If we do intervene China might stop trading with us, and that’s the last thing we want. Most of the things around our house are made and deported from China. China also has one of the biggest armies in the world. We could lose a lot of our soldiers if China start a fight with us.

Please consider my point of view. Yours sincerely, Jubilant_Horse

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