Dear James Cleverly,

Dear James Cleverly,

I am a fervent year 6 pupil from Lyons Hall Primary School. I’m writing to you on behalf of the Hong Kong crisis. This is getting out of hand, so I’ve decided to write about whether we should or should not intervene. I hope you realise why I think that we as a country should intervene and help Hong Kong.

The main reason we should help is because of our history. Britain once ruled Hong Kong because of a series of wars between China and Britain. We won all those wars and after 150 years of ruling Hong Kong, we handed them back to China leaving them to be part of the same country and settle their differences. Not long after, they made the One Country Two systems deal; the One Country Two systems deal stated that it would let Hong Kong have their freedom of speech and be free from China ruling them till 2047. This promise is now being broken, and unfortunately for Hong Kong it isn’t the first time China have broken their deal!

If we get involved it could then mean we lose the money we’ve earned by selling things to China from Britain. Additionally, did you know in 2016 we imported £42.6 billion worth of goods from China! That’s a lot of money. This however, does not change my mind on whether Britain should or should not intervene. China aren’t even allowed to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more… This is for many reasons. People keep thinking we will have wars with China, but that is not really possible because these days we’re more civilised and make economic sanctions instead. If China decide to make an economic sanction, then we should find another way around this problem.

Britain is now being called to action about this catastrophic event, but with Brexit at hand, will Parliament help are friends in Hong Kong? In my opinion, just because I am a child doesn’t mean that I don’t get a say in the world, and I think that Britain should intervene, but not to viciously. Instead of being hard on China, we should talk to them firmly but politely. As a class, we have been studying World War Two, and I have noticed a similarity, through World War Two people were suffering and some even died. This is the same problem for Hong Kong people and we must stop the suffering yet avoid a bigger war. You can see that I am very passionate about our world and want to help Hong Kong.

Yours sincerely,


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