Dear MP - Hong Kong Crisis

Dear James Cleverly

I am a passionate year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School Braintree, Essex. I am writing to you on behalf of the Hong Kong crisis. I hope you take this into consideration even though I’m only 10 years old, I should still have a say in the world. There are many reasons why we should or should not intervene with Hong Kong.

Britain and Hong Kong have had a long-standing history in the past, which has shown that we have before ruled Hong Kong for about 150 years after winning a series of war against China. Did you know that this is not the first time Hong Kong have not had freedom? In 2014 the umbrella movement was a big event where China broke their promise of the 1 country 2 systems deal that Britain and China made. A further reason is that a quarter of the population of Hong Kong are showing their anger on the streets, many Hong Kongers are now in prison and it’s not fair. Did you know that 180,000 people were born in China and they now live in Britain and 119,990 people were born in Hong Kong and now live in Britain? China have the biggest army in the world and if we intervene china could send them over to us or they could stop trading with us!

The first major thing to consider is that Hong Kong have been fighting for human rights and China have picked the Hong Kong government. Most Hong Kongers are terrified of China and their president Xi. He has made a rule that they are not allowed to use Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. Hong Kong are begging for freedom and they are getting really hurt.

Kind regards,

Year 6 student

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