Dear Mr Gove

I’m a Yr 6 student at Hammond school, Surrey which is a portion of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis. Recently,we have been learning about it on the burnet news club and I am shocked at what has been happening in Hong Kong.

I passionatly believe that we shouldn’t intervene because we are a massive trading partner with China and if we intervene we might not get as much trades with them,which would be a problem as we have already traded £42.6 billion with them.Furthermore,China has a much bigger country than us (1.4 billion and us 60 million ).

In the other hand, I do understand if we do intervene because Hong Kong can’t rely on Chinese people which would make sense because the Chinese governor of Hong Kong is chosen by China not themselves,99.9% of trials in China end in conviction and more.

In conclusion,this is your choi as you are a member of parliament and you know what’s best for us,but I strongly think that we shoul intervene.

I hope you read this letter with thoughtfullness and consider my choice,also please can you respond as early as you can.

Yours faithfully


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