Dear Neil Coyle MP

Dear Neil Coyle ,

first things first , I am writing to you from Boutcher C.E Primary School and I want to talk to you about Hong Kong in Crisis. In Hong Kong and China people have been protesting and the Goverment are banning face masks. Ithink it it really unfair that they have banned face because if they are protesting and they brathe in to much smoke they could die. Seeing all these things happening around both countries is disapointing because they ar destroying the earth and the beauty in it. What I think should happen now is Britain should just leave Hong Kong in Crisis alone because if we come and and start helping China might not want our help and start invading Britain. China should have not broken thier promise because that would have made everything easier. Using all of my reaserch Britain has loads of people but China has the biggest army in the world. It could be dangerous and we citizens of Britain could die.some people start protesting violently. It is never ok to protest violently because if you do then people would want to defend and they will end up getting hurt. I hope i have made a valid reason why we should not get involved in hong kong in crisis.


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