Here’s the thing about mobile technology - some people think its a good thing while others think its a bad thing.

Let’s look at the two viewpoints...

On the one hand, mobile technology can be great! You can keep in touch with friends and family online, you can take great photos, you can watch videos and much more!

On the other hand though, it can be a bad thing. Some people can hack in to your online world and find pictures, videos and social media accounts and do bad things to them, you could make friends with someone you don’t know and it might not be the person they are telling you it is, people can troll you, and you can also get addicted to mobile technology.

There are things that can help you stop going on mobile technology too much, such as screen time. With screen time you can see how long you have been on your phone daily and you can also set limits for when your phone switches off and switches back on again. You can lift the limits by you or your guardian typing in a password and deciding how much extra time you can get on your phone.

Here’s what I think...

I really like mobile technology! I can keep in touch with my friends and family, I can play games and much more! I really like the idea of screen time and I use it for myself so I can have a balanced time on my phone. But for me it also has its downsides. Lots of people have been hacked on social media and that makes them feel really worried. But you don’t need to get hacked to be worried. Comments on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more social media sites are sometimes used to say horrible things about people and that is what can upset you the most. Jesy Nelson from Little Mix recently made a documentary about this and how it made her feel. I watched it and it inspired me to write this article!

On the whole though I think mobile technology is really fun if you use it safely!

But what do you think?

In my opinion i think screen time is very good.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    17 Sep 2019

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to write a post. On the Burnet News Club we always stick to talking about the current Issue we're looking at during lessons, therefore we won't publish posts like this (that are off topic) in future. Thanks!

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