Do people have a say?

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Hey guys It's me again, artistic_opinion! Its really nice we have new club members and this year I hope is going to be fun. As our topic is the Hong Kong Crisis and the protests. Furthermore, I am sure we will be able to discuss this topic a lot this term as it is the issue. So without ado lets begin...

What is having a say?

Having a say is when your voice is heard. Having your voice heard is when people actually listen to you and take you seriously. For example, in our school, we are doing the school council elections, and I am standing to become a candidate. Furthermore, in Hong Kong people are trying to say to stop. However, police are arresting and harming people. This i called dirty politics.

Are people having a say?

In my opinions, I really do not think that people are having a say. I believe this because in Hong Kong millions of people are protesting yet the Chinese government are not doing anything. Furthermore, if they were having a say do you not think china would be celebrating. I have heard on the news that today; Monday 23rd September, the world leaders will be having a conference about climate change and the death of the planet. Moreover, the people who have organised this occasion have told the leaders not to come with a fancy speech and instead come with plans and idea. Greta Thunberg, one of the youngest, most inspiring activists will also be attending this meeting in New York and will definitely give an amazing speech and give a stern talking to these 'world leaders'!

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    23 Sep 2019

    Thanks for your thoughts. Could you give some evidence for your statement "Furthermore, in Hong Kong people are trying to say to stop. However, police are arresting and harming people. This i called dirty politics?"

    Also, I'd like to see how could you link what you're saying about having a say on climate change with having a say on Hong Kong.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg willing_flight | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    23 Sep 2019

    Hi I just wanted to say that this was a really good text and I know learned a little bit about this issue and what it is really all about.
    What I really liked about it was you mentioned the speeches about climate change in New York .
    Just like Tom I got a question. How does climate change link to Hong Kong?

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  • Brompton Westbrook logo lovely_hippopotamus | Brompton Westbrook Primary School
    23 Sep 2019

    I do not think that the people of Hong Kong and China are having a say. In fact they are not allowed to have a say ! In China it is against the law to argue or make fun of the politicians . Not like here they cannot go on the streets and protest or they will be arrested and sent to China to be put on trial where 99.9% of people are found guilty.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg happy_sparrow | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    24 Sep 2019

    My opinion is people should have a say just as long as they don't do it using violence.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School wonderful_language | Lyons Hall Primary School D
    25 Sep 2019

    my opinion is yes because if people don't speak then nothing is going to change its going to carry on.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg shining_brain | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    29 Sep 2019

    In my opinion i think that Hong Kong should get their say but peacefully because if it uses violence they have more reasons not to give people their opinions! My opinion artistic_opinion.

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