Do we want A World War III?

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Honk Kong Is in crisis.

And they need our help.

Let's not be unrighteous.

They are giving us a yelp.

They can't be puppets,

They have a life ahead of them.

Unlike the muppets

And were not zombies, were gems!

We don't follow the rules, we make our own,

Nobody gets to sit at a throne

We are humans, and that's what we are.

So let's shine bright and be a star!

America and China already had a fight,

Please, let this one end right!

People are being severely Hurt,

It's a country, not a war zone,

So let's stand up and make this argument divert!

Read the newspaper, get off your phone,

We can make this right if we have a firm tone.

Humans suffer,

Because of our decisions.

This is what makes our world rougher,

We're born in a free world, not a prison!

People like me, want to make a change,

As there are so many things we need to rearrange,

Humans may become extinct.

If we carry on with these fights.

It doesn't matter if we are distinct.

But we need to understand Human Rights!

So listen carefully, fellow reader.

Because we have a lot to discuss

As we're all the same and should be our own leader

So can I ask you question because I have to go,

Do you want a world war three?

Because that's what I think there's gonna be.

I wrote this poem to discuss what we are doing to ourselves. If these arguments continue. Then we might end up having a world war 3. This poem is to also encourage the reader to notice what is happening and why we need to change it. I also think that people shouldn't be a puppet and have control of their own body.

Thank you for reading.

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