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Dear Faisal Rashid

In school we have been learning about the Hong Kong crisis. Hong Kong was ruled over 150 years by Britain and they have a shared history together. Also China and Britain both promised to make sure Hong Kong will remain unchanged until 2047 but China took back over in 1997 and since then China has made things different. In 2015 five book sellers who were critical of Chinese leaders vanished and some even ended up in jail. 119, 990 people were born in Hong Kong now live in Britain. Britain should not get involved because China has the biggest army in the world and could defeat us; China is an important trading partner for Britain because in 2016 Britain imported 42.6 billion pound worth f goods from China. Britain and China work closely together on a project focusing on farming to make sure there’s enough food for the world so without this people may go hungry.

From Busy currency

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