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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to convince you that we should get involved with the Hong Kong crisis. I am sure that you are aware of the problem in Hong Kong. There have been many protests in a very violent manner to maintain their human rights and democracy. Did you know there have been 8 kills and over 2000 injures. Innocent people are getting killed for now absolute no reason and should we just stand there and do nothing about it. Why should we get involved? England have been in Hong Kong’s history for 150 years until we handed them back to China we with an agreement which they are not sticking too. Every person deserves their own human rights and human beings shouldn’t be killed for what they believe in.

I am sure that you believe in the importance for standing up in human rights as I do and you are eager to make a change to how the citizens in Hong Kong are being treated such as getting threatened and bombs are being throne everywhere. I am aware that the violence began when the Chinese government attempted to create a law letting criminals in Hong Kong to be sent to China to be put on a trial and without a doubt be sent to jail. I know that people agree with me because Boris Johnson said that he believes we should help the once beautiful Hong Kong and there is an MP that agrees with me, Hidi Alan also thinks we should help Hong Kong to become the amazing place it used to be.

I hope for the future of Hong Kong that everyone is happy and there is Human rights everyone agrees with. I hope you use some of my advice at your debate.

From upbeat_acorn.

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