Final Piece - Should Britain Get Involved

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing this letter to you, to explain my opinion on the Hong Kong Crisis.

The Hong Kong Crisis is the situation happening in Hong Kong, a part of China. People of Hong Kong are protesting, some are violent, and some are peaceful, because China was taking away their basic rights. People in Hong Kong are now going into court and trial in China, where 99.9% of people are found guilty. All protests have led to China’s recent law. This law states that people of Hong Kong cannot wear face masks to protect themselves. Because of this, and many other laws, the citizens of Hong Kong are now protesting.

Hong Kong’s past has been under our control for 150 years. Hong Kong was under our laws. In 1997, we, Britain, handed Hong Kong back to China, making an agreement. This agreement is called the 1 country 2 systems. This agreement states that Hong Kong shall stay under their original laws with us, and in 2047, China would be allowed to change them. Citizens of Hong Kong are now certain that China is breaking their agreement.

I think that Britain should get involved, but not aggressively. I think that parliament should arrange a meeting with the rulers of China, and discuss this agreement. I hope that you – a member of parliament – can bring this discussion into parliament.

If we do not, and we go in without a plan, China could get upset or angry. This could lead to many things, like more protests, and a bad reputation for our country. As a member of parliament, I think that you will understand this problem, as Brexit can give our country a certain reputation as well.

The effect that this will have on Hong Kong and China is uncertain, but if we discuss the right things, and give requests the right way, then China might listen, and take in other people opinions. After all it is the protests China should be worrying about, and if China can sort the laws so there are no protests, they will understand that they can keep certain laws, and make people happy.

However, there could be consequences. As I have said before, us, as a country, could have a bad reputation, and because of other matters being discussed in parliament, this is one of the last things we want. Another consequence, China could not listen. If this happens, protests in Hong Kong could get worse, which is the opposite of why I am writing to you. But hopefully, this does not happen, and China does listen and taking our view points.

My hopes for Hong Kong are very good. I hope that China will listen to their opinions, and change their ways of ruling them. I hope that China can realize that they are breaking the 1 country 2 system agreement, and hopefully change the way they are treating it.

Although I am not an MP, or an adult, I hope that you will listen to my opinion. This is a serious matter, and I do not want things to get worse. I hope this matter goes into court, hopefully discussed, but not put out on the news yet. This could cause pressure over you and parliament, so it should not be made a major problem yet.

Thank you for reading my letter, I hope you have taken in my opinion,


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