final piece - should Britain take control

Everyone knows what's happening in Hong Kong isn't getting any better. Everyone knows what's happening in Hong Kong is worrying. But no-one knows whether Britain should get involved. Hong Kong is such a beautiful place. I can see why there is such a debate about it.

It's not fair that this beautiful scenery is not getting what it wants. I believe that Hong Kong is pleased about Britain letting it have it's own independance, but China seems to be "mothering" Hong Kong, as it keeps on inteferring in Hong Kong's business, and that isn't fair. Hong Kong should be left to make their own decisions about what they can do independantly. regardless of the one country two systems policy. Hong Kong isn't changing drastically - it just wants to make a couple of slight changes that won't even affect China. I think Hong Kong can stand on its own two feet. Don't you?

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