There is a crisis. Hong Kong need our help. People are protesting because they want freedom from China. In 1997 Britain signed Hong Kong back over to China. The deal the two countries made was called the one country two systems. Inside the deal it says that all people should have their own freedoms and rights in life and they have their own law. I think that Britain should intervene because it isn’t safe for people to live there because bullets are being shot and people are being arrested and hurt for no reason. I also think we should intervene because we were in charge of them for 150 years so they are sort of our responsibility. I think that people who are young in Hong Kong are the people who want Britain to intervene because they want a better future. It is their future and it’s ours too. If our country was being taken over, I would want people to help. The conciquences, however, might include not as many products from China but I would like to take that risk. Mr Cleverly, please discuss this in the houses of parliament. Thank you.

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