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Hong Kong is a very wonderful place.Because of a protest,it turned to a dangerous place.I personally don't like how the police try to stop Hongkongers for protesting.They used rubber bullet and tear gas.They don't even care of the people in Hong Kong.The most important it's their safety.Do you think it is safe to shoot rubber bullet at someone?

Imagine if it was you who got shot by a rubber bullet which made you blind,how are you and your parent is going to feel.Very very sad,so we have to help Hong Kong get their rights back and protect them.Would you like to help them?

Hong Kongers are still people,why are they treated so badly.It is unfair for them.Many people got injured because,just because getting their rights back.We have right,why can't they have right.Getting their right back is not a dangerous thing.

Every people in this world should have right.They have the right to do anything that is not harmful at all.Protesting is not a harmful thing is it,no,its not.

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