Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a wonderful place,where Chinese people live in and sometimes,even people around the world.Hong Kong is one of the richest cities in the world as you may know already.Hong Kong is famous for towering skyscrapers.They are tall and massive.

Their language are very special,so are all other languages.Some people in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese and Chinese(some also speak english too).I know how to speak Cantonese and so do my whole family because we're chinese.I personally like and enjoying speaking Cantonese.Hong Kong sounds fun to me,do it sound fun and a relaxing place to you?

But now all thinks have changed,protesting and unfairness happened in 2019.It's not a normal Hong Kong no more.I like Hong Kong that is peaceful,and not harmful.Now it happened.It is an awful thing to happened to someone.

Do you like the Hong Kong that don't nave protest?

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