Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a passionate year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School which is in your constituency of Braintree, Essex. I am writing to you to discuss the current affairs in Hong Kong. Even though I am young, I still know that something needs to be done, for I believe that young people should still have a say in the world. In this letter, I will be sharing my personal viewpoints on whether we should intervene or not, others opinions may differ.

Britain and Hong Kong have a long thriving history together-in the past China lost a number of wars to Britain ultimately ending with Britain ruling over Hong Kong for 150 years. Eventually, Hong Kong started to enjoy the same human rights as we do here in the UK. After ruling over Hong Kong for 150 years, Britain came to the decision that they had to let Hong Kong run under their own independent democracy (under the supervision of China). That’s when Britain co-signed the Sino-British Joints Declaration deal.

Currently Hong Kong is in need of saving: the people of Hong Kong are fighting for their human rights. China are making unfair laws that are making citizens of Hong Kong very mad. People are getting arrested just by peacefully protesting. Currently the bill for the deportation law is dead, but the people still fill out on to streets to show their anger. China strongly disagree with the fact that Hong Kong wants to live with an independent democracy. Also president Xi, the president of China, has banned all the things he does not want his people to see such as; social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Britain are currently being called to help Hong Kong. I believe that to intervene would be risky and we may start an argument. Starting an argument with China would be bad because we get most of our materials and clothing off of them. Not intervening would cause the people of Hong Kong to continue to get seriously injured, bear in mind that police officers are firing rubber bullets and tear gas at people.

After thorough research I have come to the conclusion that in my opinion, intervening would be the right way to sort out the Hong Kong crisis. I don’t mean we should use force; we should just have a formal conversation to address the current situation and how we can prevent it from happening again. Because if we don’t intervene, who will.

Yours Sincerely

A year 6 Pupil

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