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When we speak about the Hong Kong protests - shall we consider those just a simple manifestation of people's rights? Or shall we treat it as a border line where two systems meet: capitalism and communism, democracy and totalitarism. We can see a relatively small region protecting its autonomy from multi-billion neighbour country, one of the greatest world's economy. But - in larger perspective - is it a symbol of modern world, where the people more often take attempt to rebel agains the system? Like Euro-Maidan revolution in Ukraine or "yellow vests" movement in France, for example.

Yes, apparently Hong Kong and its people deserve much more attentioin than they have currently. But shall it be sympathy or antipathy - not clear so far. Thoughts?

By educated_heart.

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  • The Sherwood School grateful_crab | The Sherwood School | United Kingdom
    09 Oct 2019

    Great post I agree for most points. China seems to be ignoring the protests. I think China does not care about the opinions of the citizens of Hong Kong and must stop and take action.

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  • The Sherwood School original_orchard | The Sherwood School | United Kingdom
    09 Oct 2019

    It is a nice post and it is really reasonable.

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  • Braiswick Primary School emotional_acorn | Braiswick Primary School
    10 Oct 2019

    I think this post is reasonable. i also think that this post needs points

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School intrepid_hurricane | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    31 Dec 2019

    I agree with you, educated_heart and the people of Hong Kong deserve much more support and help. China have been ignoring their protests and have been doing wrong since June 2019. I don't think that China care about Hong Kong and their people and here are some reasons why:
    - Ever since we signed the Sino-British-Joint Declaration, China have been ignoring that and have done something else
    - China have chosen the leader of Hong Kong instead of letting Hong Kong choose
    - Police have been shooting innocent protesters with rubber bullets, seriously injuring some people
    - And one of the biggest problems is that China have been taking away the Hong Kongese people's human rights

    To conclude, the people of Hong Kong deserve more help to takle China and their Communism.

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