Hong Kong by Alphabet.

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A for Attack- The chinese have sent in their riot police to attack the Hong Kongers in the protests.

B for Barricade- Some people from Hong Kong have set up a Barricade at the airport.

C for China- China are trying to dominate Hong Kong.

D for Defend- People from Hong Kong are Defending their freedom.

E for Effecting- China is Effecting how Hong Kong is being run.

F for Forbidden- Some Hong Kong book sellers who were Forbidden in China some how diappeared and reappeard in Prison in China.

G for Goal- It is China's Goal to try and make Hong Kong become part of Chinese rule.

H for Hovering- China is Hovering over Hong Kongs privacy to make sure something they don't agree with dosen't happend.

I for Interfereing- In 2016 China was caught Interfereing with and election in Hong Kong.

J for Journalists - Lots of Journalists have been travelling to Hong Kong to get all the news they need to write their news back home in their country.

K for Karma- Protests in Hong Kong have given China the message to come and give them Karma which they put very violently.

L for Leader- The Leader of China Xi Jinping has seen the necessary need to take violent action to stop the protests.

M for Marching- The Hong Kongers taking part in the protests have been Marching the streets of Hong Kong defending their freedom.

N for Noticed- China have Noticed the protests and have been sending in riot police and they are coming in harder every protest.

O for Observing- China are heavily Observing the protests.

P for Protests- The Hong Kongers are not backing down from their Protests they want their total freedom.

Q for Quantity- The Quantity of Hong Kongers at their protests are massive.

R for Riot Police- China has sent in Riot Police to hopefully end the protests but at the same time really injuring some people.

S for Save- The people of Hong Kong want to Save their rights and their freedom.

T for Tons- Tons of people have been on the protests standing up for their rights.

U for United Nations- The Untied Nations are concerned for Hong Kongs human rights.

W for Windows- The protesters in Hong Kong have broken through Windows to vandilise govnerment buildings.

X for Xi Jinping- Xi Jinping is the president of China and wants to rule Hong Kong.

Y for Yellow- The Chinese flag has Yellow stars.

Z for Zoogeograohical- The Chinese military and the govnerment and being a bit Zoogeograohical they are controling the Citizens of China and Hong Kong this way due to the fact they a patrolling them around.

Thanks to https://www.thefreedictionary.com/zoogeographical for providing me with the letter Z it was a tough one it means a scientific study on how animals are being treated. I thought this was good because it describes the way that china is sort of leading them like a pack of animals and enclosing them for exampls in a Zoo.

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