Hong Kong CHAOS

Dear Harriet,

my name is empowered_raspberry and i am part of the Burnet News Club and i want to discuss about the Hong Kong crisis. I think it's a really big situation that is currently happening.

the situation that is happening in Hong Kong is that people have been using fire rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray. Many people are protesting. They are throwing bombs and bricks at the police. i think people are disagreeing with the Government.

I know that a long time ago, Hong Kong was under British rules. there was also some kind of war that changed the history of Hong Kong.

I think Britian should help but not take over Hong Kong because it's unfair if britian takes over Hong Kong. They both have it's own place.

I also know that Hong Kong had to follow british rules from 1945-1997. They also used to change the flag of Hong Kong.

the problem with my idea is that some people may disagree.

For the future, i hope Hong Kong has human rights and can be free.

Some people who are part of Burnet News Club agree with me.

Because people are going way too far and are starting to be voilent, this needs to be changed quickly. I want you to change what is happening now.

Yours Sincerely


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