Hong Kong crisis

Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am a passionate year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary school which is within your constituency of Braintree, Essex. I am writing to you to ensure that you have considered the relevant issues of the Hong Kong crisis. Even though I’m only 11, I think a child should still get a say in the world. In this letter, I will be explaining my points and views about whether we should intervene or not.

Britain, China and Hong Kong have had a long – running history - during the 1800s, China lost a series of wars against Britain which led to the U.K ruling Hong Kong for 150 years. Our relationship was thriving. Though founded undemocratically and governed by a ‘British dictatorship’, Hong Kong grew with us, living a democratic life until 1997. Twenty-two years ago, Britain and China signed a Sino – British Joint Declaration stating that Hong Kong (under supervision of China) should begin to establish their own democratic system. History has shown that Hong Kong has lived with the same human rights as the U.K for over 150 years.

Currently Hong Kong is in crisis: Hong Kongese people are trying to fight for their human rights and many want to continue living within an independent democracy whereas the rest of China disagree. Since the 1st of October 1949, China has been run by one party – the communist party of China. President Xi has unraveled power within China, not wishing them to view media, the internet and social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube). During this crisis, many people have been seriously injured or even killed. Hong Kongese people have shown their anger by vandalising Governmental buildings and marching in the streets. Due to this, China has said they may need to take their army out to stop the protests. This is why we need to intervene.

Britain are now being called into action as this crisis has been brought to the world stage through media. Due to our historical links with Hong Kong and our half Sino – British Joint Declaration, many people would argue that we have a responsibility to ensure that the agreement is adhered by all of the parties. After 22 years, the British are also concerned about whether our country has the right to be involved in other countries business. So far only one quarter of the people in Hong Kong have demonstrated their political resentment on the streets whereas others have even supported the idea of following the Chinese rule- however it must be carefully considered about how much of this is personal choice and how much is through fear of their potential future leader?

In conclusion, having researched and considered both sides of the argument with an open mind, I believe we should intervene but only with words as China is an important trading partner with Britain. I am speaking up because, despite the fact that Hong Kong is a part of China, I believe in the power of democracy and think it is wrong for us to sit back and watch Hong Kong people be seriously injured or killed. Having recently studied World War Two I have seen the importance of standing up for democracy and helping allies in the time of needed. Fighting for human rights is something that should never be ignored and therefore I urge you to insist that we intervene in Hong Kong and support the people who desperately need us.

Yours sincerely,

A year 6 student.

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