Hong Kong crisis

Should Britain Intervene?

In Hong Kong China has been trying to make a new law in Hong Kong. If you do something bad in Hong Kong, you go to court in China and 99.9% of time you are guilty.

Britain and Hong Kong, has strong relationship because in the 1800s China lost a war against Britain took control of Hong Kong. In 1997 Hong Kong was handed back to China.

What happens next? Well I think that Britain Should Intervene because Britain had already won a war against China.

Hong Kong was ruled by the British colony for around 150 years and they have shared history.

Someone who is involved would agree with me because they might die.

There will be some challenges like China has the biggest army in the world.

I really wish for Hong Konner’s to have freedom.

I think that my MP should listen me because I don't want anyone’s life to be in danger.

The steps I want our MP to take is to make awareness and try our best to help.

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