Hong Kong Crisis

Dear MP James Cleverly

I am a year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School which is part of your constituency in Braintree Essex. I am writing to you on behalf of the Hong Kong crisis, and even though I’m only 10 I still hope that one day China and Hong Kong can live as equals.

There are many reasons why we should and shouldn’t get involved in the argument. Firstly, we shouldn’t get involved because China has the biggest army in the world so it could end badly. Secondly Britain and Hong Kong have a long and standing past, also during the 1800s China was defeated in a series of wars to us which came to Britain owning Hong Kong for 150 years. Hong Kong has now been left in a greatly precarious position going forward for their future.

Right now as I speak Hong Kong is in crisis: the people of this city are fighting for their human rights and they all no longer want China to have all the power over Hong Kong. China’s government is directed by president xi who decided that Hong Kong was no longer able to have any power over their own city! Lots of people in Hong Kong have been on the streets to show their anger with China.

Britain are being called to action as this crisis has been shown to the world, stage through media. We should intervene to stop things like: People getting kidnapped then appearing in China’s prisons a few years later and to stop people getting injured whilst fighting for their human rights. However, we also can’t intervene because we might just make the argument a lot BIGGER.

In conclusion, having looked and considered at both sides of the argument with an open mind. I believe that Hong Kong should have freedom and we should intervene because the people of Hong Kong are in a time of need and if we don’t intervene the argument will not stop! I hope that you agree with me and Hong Kong and China can agree with each-other.

Your sincerely

a year 6 student

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