Hong Kong crisis

Dear MP James Cleverly

I am a year 6 student at Lyons hall primary school witch is a part of your constituency of Braintree Essex. Despite my young age, I still think I should get noticed.

England and Hong Kong have had a long relation and Britain ruled over Hong Kong for over 150 years. Britain won a series of fights against China, and gave Hong Kong democracy. In 1997, we made a one country and two-system deal so Hong Kong would still have their democracy but China would still have some power over Hong Kong.

Currently Hong Kong is fighting for democracy. Xi is China’s leader and is shaping China. He turned his eye to Hong Kong and is trying to turn Hong Kong to be more like China, and that is making the people of Hong Kong angry and their showing that by going out on the streets.

Britain is now being called in to help Hong Kong but Britain doesn’t know what to do. If we help Hong Kong China will get mad and stop buying cars and loads of goods from Britain and we will become a bit poorer. But the people of Hong Kong are getting hurt and are in dire need of help.

In conclusion, and looking at both sides of the argument, I think that we should not invade because we get goods off them and if we help Hong Kong we might go to war with China, which will be a lot of money for us and they have the biggest army in the world.

Yours sincerely

A year 6 student

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