Hong Kong Crisis

Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a worried year 6 student at Lyons Hall School who is concerned about the crisis in Hong Kong. Despite my age, I still think people should hear my voice. Do what is right for Hong Kong and


Britain have a good history ruling Hong Kong for 150 years. In 1997 we signed the one country two systems agreement. Even know we ruled then for 150 years, we enabled their freedom and rights.

Currently, the Hong Kong crisis has gone too far. Hong Kong want to live in freedom and with their own rights, so they are fighting for it. Living like this lead to people going out onto the streets to show their anger. People are getting kidnapped and sent to China to be put in jail, even if they are innocent. The police have been shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at crowds which is seriously hurting people. People believe it has gone too far and we need to get involved.

Britain are now being called to help because this has gone too far and has gone on for too long. This needs to stop! Many people could argue that Britain have a responsibility to Hong Kong and many say we don’t, but I think we do with the history we have had with them. We need to get involved now and this just isn’t right for their country.

In conclusion, having done the research, I have decided to make sure you consider intervening and do something about this conflict in Hong Kong. I’m speaking up because I am very worried because it might cause a bigger argument but this is not fair on Hong Kong. If China do not like us getting involved they will make trade more expensive for us. I personally think we should intervene because police are taking it to far by seriously injuring people and it’s really not nice to watch people get hurt. You need to take action.

Yours Sincerely

Year 6 student

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