Hong Kong Crisis

Dear,MR Gove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surry which is a part of constituency in Surry Heath.I am writing to you on regards of the Hong Kong Crisis.

As you know ,we signed a deal with China about the 1 country 2 system deal in the year 1997,

however China violated this and also violated 7.5 million people's human rights in the progress.But something really strange is 5 authers wrought a book on the Chinese government but they went missing for 2 years and reappeared is a Chinese jail.

Take into mind that China have the largest army in the world, it could lead to a Great War but we don't evan have half there army so I would not interfere. Then again China is threating to send in there army to stop the protest so what do we do.? Evan worse people are dying in the protest due to tear gas,tazars and rubber bullets but no deadly force.That dose not mean it defently not going to happen,as I said im sticking to my point we should not interfere...

know about trade in 2016 we imported 42.6 billion worth of goods due to this we should not intervene as a relult we have brexit on the horizon and the eu as a possibility could refuze to trade with us.Then our country would be struck of our biggest trades in the world.

In conclusion it is clear my opinion on the Hong Kong Crisis. As our mp for Surry you should be talking the the cabnit about the children's point of view,thank you for reading my oppion

sincerly the year 6


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