Hong Kong Crisis

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater,Surrey which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath.I am writing to you in regards of the hong Kong crisis.As you know in 1997 when Britan handed back Hong Kong to China we both made an agreement for 1 country 2 systems and China has now broken the promise and are even voting in Hong Kongs elections.we all know it is a problem but what do we do about it? here is what I think.

It is clear that the situation of the Hong Kong crisis is out of hand but I believe that intervening could be too risky of a move,as you must know that many people rely on Chinese products and in 2016 alone we got £42.6 billion worth of goods from China that some people cannot afford to loose.Also,we have a lot on our hands with brexit keep delaying and dealing with the Hong Kong crisis is too much for Britain at the moment.Talking about Brexit,at the moment we are unsure of what the EU trading links are following to and if we loose that we can’t afford to loose China.

This also wouldn’t be a smart decision to intervien because China have the biggest army in the world and us going up against them would probably mean failure.Also we shouldn’t risk another war because of their army so many people will die and if we do really loose then they will still have their human rights and freedom of speech taken away.We simply don’t stand a chance against China.All of that war would be for nothing and more protest will take place.China’s army is so big that if you halved it they would still have a bigger army.

In conclusion,it is now clear that my point is valid and has reasons,good reasons.As you should know keeping the country safe and away from wars is the safest way to keep us safe and intervening could cause a war against the biggest army ever and kill so many people and our trade with China is very important to keep as we don’t know what’s happening with the EU.

your time and patience put into reading this letter is very appritiated and I hope you do the best for the country.

Yours gratefully,daring_lake

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