Hong Kong Crisis

Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am a passionate Year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School which is part of your constituency of Braintree, Essex. You may think that I am young, but I can still change the world. I will - in this letter- be expressing my thoughts and feelings on why we shouldn’t intervene in the Hong-Kong-China crisis. These are my personal opinions and I feel that I have strong data to support my views.

Our relationship with China is conflicted, we effectively stole Hong-Kong from them as a result of the series of wars that we won, after which we governed Hong-Kong for around 150 years. In 1997 we handed Hong-Kong back to China and Co-signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration of which it states ‘Hong Kong (under the supervision of China) will begin to form its own democratic government.’ China is under a ‘State Captilism’ ruled by President Xi who opposes Hong-Kong’s part-democratic system because they see it as a threat to their system and lifestyle.

  • Presently Hong-Kong is trying to dominate China’s stable government with protests that include: violence, vandalism and more crimes. Yes they have the right to protest, but not using the crimes listed above. If the Chinese government let them destroy Hong-Kong then there will be no Hong-Kong, but if (as the Chinese are doing) they try to supress the activists then everything will die down. News like ‘Hong-Kong protester falls and dies, marking first student death in unrest’ is upsetting! But the Hong-Kongers are saying that this is an abuse of their human rights. We took Hong-Kong by force. Was it right to use force?
  • If China sees our intervenention as trying to take back Hong-Kong, then it’s very likely we will lose trade with our biggest trade partner and that is too costly. We would lose cars, clothes, materials and other nesecites that are needed to enjoy our current standard of life. Furthermore, why should we intervene if China will take over Hong-Kong in 2047? Additionally, one quarter of the population of Hong-Kong are saying that China are taking away their human rights. This is simply not true. China aren’t allowed to use Social Media (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc), but Hong-Kong are, China aren’t allowed to protest or speak out against their Government, Hong-Kongese people are. They are saying this to get attention. We cant let them have this unruly attention. This is what China and Hong-Kong are going through not Great Britain. If we don’t intervene, then we won’t lose trade with China and we will evade a possible war! These are all pros to not intervening and getting involved. On the other hand the cons are: maybe losing trade with Hong-Kong, a few Hong-Kongers will be outraged in our country. All of the Hong-Kongese trades we currently receive we could in the future get from China. Please remember that these are my views and others will differ.
  • Mr Cleverly, I urge you and trust you to do what’s best for our country. Moreover, with Brexit reaching its peak, shouldn’t we be focused on our country not focused on other countries miles away? I urge you to convince Parliament not to intervene in the Hong-Kong crisis.

Yours sincerely,

A Lyons Hall Primary School student.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    08 Nov 2019

    You've spoken very clearly about your opinion here, well done! You have also used questions to very good effect to make the MP you're writing to think.

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