Hong Kong crisis in detail to Mr Gove

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Mr Gove ,

I am currently in year six at Hammond Junior School,are topic is the terrifing Hong Kong crisis and you are our local MP. I am writing to you as the whole of our school to give some reasons on why should not itervine and keep our peaceful way of life.

Britain should not get involved in the crisis because China is like a sleeping Military Giant and if we dear wake this giant up only blood will come Britain’s way and this is would be blood not well spent and a wasted . I would love it if this did not tern into reality becuase if this was to tern into a long war we would be depleted of man power where as China has an exstreamly big reserve of man power meaning they would be able to replace the life’s lost

To add points to my side of the argument here are some facts; with

We signed a deal with Chia to let Hong Kong have its way of life until 2047. China is a key trading partner with Britain and if we helped Hong Kong against China these trades would come to an end and Britain would be left helpless with clothes and some food meaning hundreds of shops reling on trades with China would have to close.

On th other hand Hong Kongers are suffering and are relying on Britian to make the deal once called one country 2 systems is that is now one country one and a half systems because of China . I want to bring peace and hope to Hong Kong but to do this I think we would have to use the army, Air Force and Navy as a last resort so we could lie and say to China that if you do not leave Hong Kong alone will we plan a full scale invasion on your home land.

thank you for making time to read my letter I hope you will consider my thoughts

your sincirly

a year 6 student

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