Hong Kong in crisis

Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am year 5 student from Lyons Hall primary school and I live in Braintree. You are my MP. I am writing to you to ensure that you know all relevant points in relation to the Hong Kong crisis. Even though I am young, I still need my say in the world. I would like you to listen to me and my view in this dilemma.

Britain and Hong Kong have been allies for a long time –during the 1800s China lost a series of wars to Britain which meant Britain ruled Hong Kong for 150 years. After Britain handed Hong Kong back to China they signed a deal called “one country two systems”.

But China has broken that promise and they have taken over Hong Kong. For example, China chooses Hong Kong’s leader (Carrie Lam.) They also now have decided to get rid of Hong Kong’s democracy.

I think we should help, thank you for listening.

Yours sincerely


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