Hong Kong in crisis

Hong Kong should we intervene.

In Hong Kong They are protesting because of china and law changes where people disagree.

What is the history of Hong Kong?

In the 1800s China lost a series of wars to Britain, and Britain took control of Hong Kong, which it then ruled for around 150 years.

Do you think Britain should intervene?

I think they should because they can lift them back up and make sure they don’t have a war.

My opinion and facts are Hong Kong where ruled by Britain, 180000 people were born in china now live in Britain.

I think they would agree with me because Hong Kong want help because the bad things could hurt people. If Britain do intervene us and Hong Kong will have the biggest argument in the world.

I hope for the future of Hong Kong to get the MP to help make everyone’s ideas put into the buildings in Hong Kong.

I think our MP should listen to me because they could make the world a better place, so everyday you don’t wake up to protesting.

I would like my MP to make Hong Kong and china a better place.

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