Hong Kong in crisis

Hong Kong In Crisis

Should Britain intervene???

What is the current situation in Hong Kong?? Well there`s been a lot of protest about China`s new law, millions of people in Hong Kong have been in the streets protesting and Hong Kong is in deep trouble.

What is the history of Hong Kong?? In the 1800`s China lost a series of war with Britain, and Britain took control over Hong Kong, which it then ruled for 150 years, this tells us a that we owned Hong Kong so we should help a country that we took over.

What do think will happen next?? I think we should not because we could lose and get in big trouble.

Are there any facts you can use to support your opinion?? China has the largest army in the world, which is a big difference to Hong Kong’s army and a lot of people are escaping from Hong Kong to Britain.

Can you explain why someone who is involved in the situation would agree with you?? Britain, China, Hong Kong are involved in this problem and most of the world.

What might be some of the challenges or problems with your idea?? If we intervene, China will have a big advantage because, they have the biggest army in the world, they have the world’s best equipment like best tanks, best planes and the best plans.

What do hope for the future of Hong Kong?? I hope Hong Kong will live in peace and china does not send their army to Hong Kong.

Why do you think your MP should listen to you?? Because most of the world is hopping that they have a good future and don’t end up in war.

What steps would you like your MP to take?? I would like him to follow to peace of Hong Kong and agree with Hong Kong that it is cruel and will be unfair.

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