Hong Kong in Crisis!

Hong Kong in crisis

Should Britain intervene?

People are protesting to try changing rules in Hong Kong and their human rights aren’t being respected Hong Kong are not liking this. Hong Kong and Britain have been having war for 150 years. I think Britain should intervene so they can help Hong Kong sort this out.

Hong Kong was ruled by the British for around 150 years, and they have shared history together. People should agree to help Hong Kong because bad things could happen to Hong Kong. The problem is that if they do help Hong Kong then there is a 99.9 % that Britain could go to prison in china. I think that Hong Kong should be able to live in peace. The MP should listen to people so that they can help Hong Kong.

I think the step is to speak to the government and see what they say then we can try link on from that. I think that we should help Hong Kong because china have a lot more people there and Hong Kong there aren’t so many people.

We should help Hong Kong.

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