Hong Kong In Crisis

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To Lyn Brown, palace of westminster,westminster sw1a 0aa

I am writing to adress you about the '' One Country , 2 Systems'' dilemma and what I think we should do is to help Hong Kong in this hardship they are dealing with right now.A lot of over has happened during the month they have had like protests,violence towards China so I think if we agree mabye China will be peaceful once more than they were a long time ago.

Britain should be involved with this because they have the same history as China and Hong Kong because 22 years ago Britain gave Hong Kong back to China after a 150 year old rule as China had lost many battles and in result Hong Kong was taken away from China.

I think Britain hasn't thought about this as they are thinking about another problem which is Brexit but I think our prime minister can deal with 2 conflictions.Also Hong Kong has helped us not just by being loyal but by being our top finacial recoures.

I think you have enjoyed this case as I have put all my assumptions into place and hope by hearing this be pleased

From methodical_ocean

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