Hong Kong in crisis


Should Britain intervene?

People in Hong-Kong are not having their human rights respected and if someone thinks you’ve done something illegal you’re sent over to China and you are 99.9% found guilty even if you sometimes didn`t do it you would still have to be imprisoned.

Britain and Hong-Kong have a shared history because Britain ruled Hong-Kong till 1997.Then we handed their country back to them.

I think Britain should intervene because we are only trying to help, it’s not as if we’re intervening. If they don’t want our help we shouldn’t give it to them as there’s no point to bother if they’re not wanting it.

China is a fantastic trading partner and it also has the biggest army in the world, and we would all be at risk.

All I want for Hong-Kong is that they’re okay and they’re getting their human rights and they’re alright. Because why should we have ours but they don’t. We’re no different to them, are we?

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