Hong Kong in Crisis!

Hong Kong in Crisis!

Should Britain intervene?

What is the current situation in Hong Kong? What has been happening?

It’s that China has been intervening Hong Kong.

What is the history of Hong Kong? And how is Britain involved?

In the 1800 China lost lots of wars and Britain took Hong Kong for 150 years.

What do you think should happen next? Why?

Hong Kong shouldn’t be bossed around by the Chinese people.

Are there any facts you can use to support your opinion?

Hong Kong don’t want this because Britain gave it away to china.

Can you explain why someone who is involved in the situation would agree with you?

Hong Kong because they might die.

What might be some of the challenges or problems with your idea?

China has the biggest army in the world.

What do you hope for the future of Hong Kong?

I still hope Hong Kong have a happy and peaceful feature.

Why do you think your MP should listen to you?

Because if they do they can help Hong Kong.

What steps would u like your MP to take?

Speak to the Government.

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