Hong Kong in crisis

Dear Mr James Cleverly

There is a crisis in Hong Kong Lots of people are protesting because they all want freedom. Their all hoping that they can have what they want for a long time. Hong Kong used to be controlled by the UK.

Now China agreed to follow the `one country, two systems' agreement. I think it is effecting the UK, Hong Kong and some other countries.

They are upset because it has been going on for a long time and it is getting really annoying for everyone. I think we shouldn’t intervene because it could put us at risk with a war between china or at least risk trade.

You can be put in China’s prison and punished really badly. Young people from Hong Kong want to keep their freedom.

One problem might be that China has the biggest army in the world. I want it to be safe, I want peace between all the country’s and protests to stop now.

Mr Cleverly, help us, we need your help, so please can you listen to us because we want equality. I would like you to take everyone’s concerns and pick the best ones to parliament and debate what we can do.

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