Hong Kong in crisis

Dear James Cleverly

I am a year six student at Lyons Hall Primary school. I am writing to you to share my thoughts and ideas. In this letter I am explaining what issues have happened with Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong has been on our side in history for a long time. China lost a series of wars with Britain many years ago and we ruled Hong Kong for 150 years. During that time, we became friends with Hong Kong and we grew a bigger relationship with them. Later on Britain wanted to give Hong Kong back. Two countries (China and Britain) had to sign an agreement that states that Hong Kong will keep their freedoms and human rights until 2047.

Currently Hong Kong’s people need saving, the people are also showing anger in the streets and fighting for their human rights. Many people still want to live within the independent democracy and the rest of China disagree. Five book sellers from Hong Kong have disappeared and then some reappeared in some of China’s prisons. The Hong Kong government wanted to make a new rule stating ‘If people from Hong Kong were doing bad crimes they would be sent to China, if found guilty will be punished there. Many protesters are being hurt by police shooting rubber bullets and tear gas. This damage to people is also causing damage to the buildings.

There are many reasons for why we should and shouldn’t intervene. Britain is now being called into action as this crisis has been brought up to the world, we have an agreement which is heard by all parties. China is a good partner and trades good stuff with the UK and if we decide to save Hong Kong then China would think that we have betrayed them. So they would not trade with us. However, Hong Kong’s people should be free. So far a ¼ of the population in Hong Kong showed their anger but the others just agreed with China’s rules.

In conclusion, I believe that we should intervene and support the people in Hong Kong because I believe that China shouldn’t rule Hong Kong. This is because Hong Kong’s population would keep on getting decreased and soon there will be no one left in Hong Kong and then China will rule the city of Hong Kong.

Yours sincerely

Year six student

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