Hong Kong in Crisis - Should Britain intervene

Hong Kong Crisis

So we have all heard of the Hong Kong crisis. And we have to act for many reasons, we had Hong Kong for a while, so this problem is our problem to fix and here is why.

1, The protesting at China has gone on for too long, and is happening to this day. Hong Kong residents are being ridded of freedom by China, so, Mr. Cleverly, Boris Johnson, too, we need you to help.

2, Hong Kong was once ruled by Britain for 150 years and handed them back to China, the only reason Hong Kong people are angry.

Next I believe that we should intervene simply for the freedom of Hong Kong, and it matters to us for reasons that we once had it.

I believe somebody should believe this simply because of their involvement into the cause and the fact they are reading this, like you!

Though, China does have a giant army we have to go through.

For the future of Hong Kong, I want freedom for all citizens. They deserve it!

So I think that Mr. Cleverly should listen to us because like I said at the beginning of this passage, it was our country once.

So, James, please take notice of this, and please, take steps to stop China, no matter the army, no matter the problems we run into: We need to make a difference!

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