Hong Kong in CRISIS

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The Hong Kong Crisis

Protests began in June 2019 over plans to allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China, but have now spread to wider demands for democratic reform. Extradition means to hand over a person accused of a crime to the legal authority of that state.

Hong Kong is autonomous, it does not have the same civil rights as China. The lawmakers and executive are heavily influenced by Beijing and the people in Hong Kong want more democratic say.

The Umbrella Movement

The Umbrella Movement is a political movement that emerged during the Hong Kong democracy protests of 2014.

The name arose from the use of umbrellas as a symbol for passive resistance against the use of pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and blue dye by the Hong Kong police. The blue dye was sprayed on protesters so the police knew who to arrest later.

Basic Law

In 2047 The Basic Law (one country, two systems deal) covering Hong Kong's autonomy expires, it is not yet clear what will happen after that. It is hoped civil unrest will not escalate to the severity of Tiananmen Square where in 1989 after several weeks of demonstrations, Chinese troops entered Tiananmen Square on June 4 and fired on civilians.

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