Hong kong protest- what should happen? My views on the protests

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Dear Doctor Rosena Allin-Khan,

My name (on the burnet's news club) is active_snow. I am a student from graveney secondary school and i am writing to you to express my view on the Hong Kong protests. Since March, thousands of people in Hong Kong have been protesting after thinking the China broke the promise that they made with Great Britian in 1997. They promised that Hong Kong's way of life would be protected until 2047 and that Hong Kong would become a democracy.

Until 1997, Britian and China should stick to the deal and both have a moral and legal responsiblity to ensure that the right's of people in Hong Kong are protected. However, some people say that China has broken this promise and has interfered with how Hong Kong is run. I am going to review what is going on, what is the conditions and should Britian interfere with some facts and statistics.

In Hong Kong (as i said in the first paragraph) thousands have joined the protests on the street . As you might know, back in the 1800s, China lost a series of wars to Britian and Britian took control of Hong Kong for 150 years untill 1997 when it was handed back to China.As i just said, Hong Kong is not happy because they think China has broken its deal thus these protests. First, if China were to take back Hong Kong then if someone were to commit a crime in Hong Kong then they were to go to China and be trialled there and when people are put on trials in China, 99.9% are found gulity and Hong Kong doesn't want that. They would to have there trials in thier own country.

The condition of these protests are at an extremley dangerous stage. It has been reported that 10 people have committted suicide, more than 2,000 people have been injured and more than 2,300 people have been arrested. Police have had to use harmful gases and have had to fight the crowd and even shoot! Streets have been over- crowded with people as well.

In Hong Kong, more than 7.5 million people live there but in China more than 1.4 billion people live there. China is one of the most advanced countries in the world but their human rights recordes are poor as they have been criticised for not respecting human rights. In Hong Kong, people are allowed to say what they want and can demonstrate with others and the press can publish stories if they want to. In China, though, it's the exact opposite. If the press say anything the Chinesse government doesn't like then they could end up in prison. Just recently, a foreign journalist was kicked out of Hong Kong because he said something the Chinesse government didn't like.

For me, I don't know whether Britian should intervene. On one hand, I think Britian should intervene because we once ruled Hong Kong and they really liked our democracy as we have had a quite a good record on human rights but on the other hand, I think we shouldn't because China has a relly big army and we could have a war but the big issue is Brexit. The british government has spent too much time on it and has become a big problem. If we intervened then Britian would be in great dept as China is a big trading partner to us.

Thank you for reading it and I hoped to see your reply!

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    23 Oct 2019

    A thorough piece, active_snow - you have brought in a lot of detail and evidence to present the situation to your MP, though to improve you could bring more of your own opinion brought into the main bulk of the letter - rather than leave until the end!

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