Hong Kong, the city in crisis!

Hong Kong - Featured image 2

Hong Kong, the city in crisis, needs urgent help from other countries, if it will benefit them. China has done something which is extremely wrong as they have broken the promise that they commited to fulfill.In addition to this, Hong Kong should not have to do all of the things they are doing, however, they are in urgent need of support and this is where I personally begin to think Britain should also take action in this crisis and if it will help the community of Hong Kong, they may have to rule over Hong Kong again. Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's leader should not have made the decision to trial and punish the guilty criminals in China as it is causing violent protests and police are having to get involved as well. Politicians from Britain, China and Hong Kong should make the decision about how they are going to amend the broken peace and silence between China and Hong Kong.

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