Hong kong's ABC

  • Alot of Hong Kongers have been arrested
  • Because of this , protests have attended
  • China are taking Hong Kong's right to democracy
  • Democracy is escaping Hong Kong
  • Eye-ache is spreading from tear gas
  • Fusses have been created in China
  • Good things won't come from this
  • Hurtful protests are beginning
  • I think something should happen
  • Jail is filling faster than ever
  • Kick ass China are massive with military
  • Lallygagging is happening too much
  • Media has been over run with Hong Kong protests
  • Nothing good will come of this
  • Only China can make this decision
  • People are being hurt
  • Queen Elizebath should not come in
  • Romans could have solved this better
  • Saluting to war should not happen
  • The Hong Kongers are losing this arm wrestle to Democracy
  • Union should come inbetween this
  • Very aggresive protests are beggining
  • World war3 is beggining
  • eXaminations are needed
  • You could help one tiny bit at a time
  • Zero shame is in what the chinese are doing
  • I'd like to give credit to Productive_eel and my teacher

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