How are the hong kong riots effecting children

The children and teenagers of Hong Kong have been majorly afected by the riots. A lot of studens from ages of 12 to 18 have been arested for rioting. For example 15 and 16 year old teenagers were arrested after atacking a police officer. Many parents have lost there children due to them being arested during the riots.

Personaly I think that they shouldnt be arested, for all they want is to have the right to freedom and democracy.

Schools in Hong Kong have been searched, and I would imagine it is makeing students feel very uneasy. Each and every student would be surched if wering a black shirt because that is the most common thing for a rioter to wear.

I dont think its acceptable to disrupt all of Hong Kongs students at schools.

Here are a few links to stories on the web:

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